Get the most from sessions

faviconGet the most out of your therapy sessions 



Think about what you want to get out of each session – Take notes throughout the week to help you come prepared to each session. The session is your time — to talk about what’s on your mind.

Go to your first appointment with an open mind – Counselling is not a straight-line solution. Think about it as a process that builds helpful habits and thought patterns. 

Say anything in therapy –You can say the tough thing. If you’re having a hard time opening up about traumas, negative feelings, and habits that make you feel ashamed, you’re not alone. There is nothing too embarrassing or shameful to talk about in therapy.

Set goals for change – It’s important that you give some thought to this because if your Counsellor knows exactly what you want from therapy, they can tailor the support to your goals.

Do the work outside of your sessions – Your therapy session doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Implementing the tools you’ve learned in each session into your day-to-day life will help to improve your wellbeing.

Set boundaries around your therapy –Therapy is truly your safe space. Sometimes, you might need to guard that space from others.