Online Counselling

faviconOnline Counselling may helps to overcome barriers that traditional face to face therapy maintains


Increased Privacy-One of the advantages of online counselling support is the increased privacy it can create for clients. People may be more inclined to attend therapy sessions and speak more freely in a familiar and comfortable environment. 

No Commute to and from-  Online counselling means no commuting to see someone for support. 

More Flexibility- Online counselling support can offer a high level of flexibility to have a session anywhere.

More Accessible – Online counselling can reach those that may not have access to transport or for those that live too far away from any counselling service.

Can Be More Affordable-Online counselling services can provide lower rates as compared to in-person sessions. One of the reasons people do not seek support is due to cost, so having more affordability can bring more people towards getting the support they need.